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The printer division of Printronix was acquired by TSC in January 2016. This division was relaunched as Printronix Auto ID.

Featuring robust energy-saving line matrix printers, Printronix products streamline operations, reduce costs and help organizations sharpen their competitive edge.

Printronix range is based on high performance enterprise grade industrial printing solutions for all types of automotive, manufacturing and warehousing applications. These printers help multi-national companies meet their supply chain needs across the globe. This range is feature-rich with innovative technology, high-performance thermal barcode and RFID printers that help streamline operations, reduce costs, save energy, and help businesses forge ahead of the competition.

For more than 40 years, Printronix has been addressing global customer needs in the supply chain space by providing enterprise grade industrial printing solutions

Printronix Benefits

  • RELIABLE - When it comes to maximizing productivity and uptime, Printronix long-lasting line matrix printers are the product of choice.
  • FLEXIBLE OPERATIONS - As easy as plug-and-play, Printronix line matrix printers are known for their flexibility.
  • LOWEST COST OF OWNERSHIP - Because value is the priority, Printronix printers offer the lowest cost per page print, while providing energy efficiency.
  • EXPERTISE - Printronix have the right resources and knowledge you are looking for.